Constructability Review Check

If the project can be built as designed, with the existing constrains and restrictions, if not, what alternatives do we have

If the project can be completed within the intended time, if not, what is the realistic time frame for the project

If the project can be built within the suggested budget, if not, what is the range of “doable Budget”

Check List of main categories

Existing conditions

Project accessibility

Conflict on design

Current labor rates

Current material cost

Current economic condition

Errors and omissions on plans
Make sure plans are concise , budgetable, buildable and priseable by the subcontractors, suppliers

Constructability Review

Illustration of the three steps in the cost management approach

The approach can be summarized as requiring the following three steps:

  1. Define the scope, the level of quality desired, and the budget
  2. Ensure that the scope, quality, and budget are aligned
  3. Monitor and manage the balance of these three components throughout the life of the project